Sunday, July 29, 2007

Who knew? I am a rockin knitter in someones eyes

Karen, nominated me for a Rockin Girl Knitter. Her description of me is so accurate. The only reason I rock, I believe, is in the verb tense. I have rocked many a babe in my profession. Now I get to nominate other bloggers. I hope you'll check out their blogs, each is unique and a favorite of mine.

Bianca of is a wonderful knitter. Don't be frightened by the bi-lingual posts. Read on English speaking friends.....She is also good about leaving comments.

Pat K. Pumpkin Knitter, has wonderful knit/trip postings. She and I have corresponded from the get to.

Then there's Bev. I just love her blog. She is always having some cutie pie relative over that steals your heart away on her posts. She is an accomplished knitter, and also a great one for leaving comments on Irisheyes. Bev is found at

My other two nominees will be forthcoming.

So, the images today are:

Al's new sweater cast on in the Northwoods. Cast on twice. She had some difficulties as the chart was sooooooo teeny tiny, but she prevailed. She's out for a power walk, so there will be more information on what the pattern and yarns are in the future.

The last image is for those of us in Lynne's Picnic Swap. Here is Mr. Lincoln Himself and Mary Todd at a picnic table having, Lipton ice tea with their dinners. Ice tea......hmmmmm, I wonder if my swap partner Kimberly prefers ice tea or lemonade at her picnics........

Civil War Days takes place in our town at the Grove Historic Center each summer. Last night Al and I went to the after hours Lantern lit tours. I wish I knew more about the Civil War.
I think I embarassed Al when a reenactor asked our little group if we knew what copperheads were.

I raised my hand and proudly pronounced, "SNAKES" only to find out I was wrong. Al bit her lip politely because she knew the right answer. Copperheads were northerners who were Confederate sympathizers. They made our reenactors train plunge into a river on it's way to Washington D.C.

I have another photo of a Civil War Bath you want to see it? It's a hoot!


Woven ~N~ Spun said...

love the pictures...want to see more. :)

and sugar free iced tea (or sweetened with splenda ) is the preferred drink around this house. :)

Jen W!~ said...

Congrats on your nomination. I just love the Civil War. Oh how I would have loved to see that reenactment. I would like to send you a post card but don';t know where to send it.

monica said...

Congrats on your nomination. I can't wait for more info on the sweater Al is knitting. I love the trim.

Karen said...

Oh yes, you sure do Rock!!! And not just babies at work. :)

KnittingKat said...

Love the color for that Sweater, and the pattern looks gorgeous! I also love the costumes that sounds like such a fun event! Congrats on your nominations from Karen :)

hege said...

You are a rockin' chick! I didn't know that about copperheads. Al's project looks intriguing! A beautiful start!

Kim said...

I would've said snakes too!

Beverly said...

You are such a sweetie! Thanks for the nomination.

I would have also said copperhead snakes and I'm a deep south girl. Definitely post more pictures.

Is Al knitting Peri's Parasol pullover? The bottom looks familiar.

To answer your question, I taght myself at 13 and have knitted almost exclusively since about 99. I'm not a whiz, just persistent.

Lynne said...

Actually, seeing the bottles of Liptons Iced Tea is pretty funny. I thought they drank Sassafrass tea.

Pat K said...

You've made my day! It's nice to be a grandma AND a Rockin' Girl Blogger!

Breien in Lansingerland said...

Thank you for nominating me Kathy! I truely enjoyed the photos about the Civil War; couldn't see me pictured in one of the dresses...way too heavy in my opinion :-)

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