Saturday, July 07, 2007

What I did on my summer vacation:

Day one:

Finally had a saturday morning free to go to the Farmers' Market Cheese table. We Illinois suburbans stand in long lines for this Cheese table. First item: cheese curds......fresh, squeaky cheese curds....

Next: Went to LYS. Felt instantly better about my log cabin knit. I'm not calling it a blanket anymore.......

Joan from NY has such a great idea for my blunder......I'm going to name it aftah huh. I can listen to this woman talk all day. My ears love what it hears as an accent. I do think I was a mynah bird or parrot once...

I signed up for a lesson with Joan next week.
I am very careful about signing up for lessons.

I can tell that I can think like this lady. I can tell that I will enjoy the lesson, and probably laugh while learning. She is going to teach me how to knit the left front and right front of my sister's vest at the same time. Al says I can think Joan's way and it will be a good fit. (Not just b/c Al won't enable me by rewriting the pattern long hand for me. .....or WAIT A MINUTE!.....just kidding.

Then I looked at some of my favorite sites: link. I don't sew but I love aprons:

Finally, I'm NOT doing homework on my summer vacation. Stashology Stitches Class says: No homework! Bring stash samples on hand and stash confessions. My kind of summer school.


amine ....ichaalah said...

im verry intersted about that's verry importante
im also so sad abote girl here in arabe in our histoir the woman do that but know ...i don't think so ...please continue
amine /architect from algeria

Webbies said...

I wish I could sew....ho hum....another crafty adventure to learn!

Kathy said...

. do any other bloggers get this amine commentor.?

I think this is propaganda. What can I do about this?

hege said...

Strange that you should get this, since you have the word verification on. The only time I got any kind of spam it was after I turned that off for a few days. I turned it right back on!
Your log cabin blanket is great, I love the colors, so soft and pretty!

Emily said...


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