Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Great Train Trick

I had my private lesson with Joan at 3 Bags Full Today. She's a smart knitter, and as I had hoped, she knew how to teach me. We were able to have our lesson outside the store on the new patio furniture. Ahhhhh summer in Chicagoland.

Joan has me on this Train of thought. I'm learning to knit the front and back of a vest at the same time on one circular needle. I have to know which end is the engine and which end is the caboose. This is key to thinking and succeeding.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

I've renewed interest now in finishing the vest for my sister. More on this later. Don't expect to see me tied to the tracks anytime soon. She gave me her home number......just in case.

Do you knit sleeves at the same time, fronts at the same time? Am I late to this party?

I looked at the new Koigu colors at the Studio after my lesson. I'm still making the selection for the POSTCARD CONTEST winner. C'mon join us. Just be sure to send me your email so I can send you my snail mail. All Aboard!


Irisheyes Lynn said...

Good luck with the 2 fronts at once! I'm late to the party too!

suburban prep said...

Three bags Full has a wonderful selection of Koigu.

hege said...

I have never done the two sleeves at a time, or front and back at the time. Though it does seem like a good idea! I know a lot of times it's hard to match your tension exactly on the second piece.

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