Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A few things about vacation.....

Zach is looking at my Bees Knees Lorna's laces sock knitting. He can knit a scarf and nearly knit a hat once. It has been awhile however. So, when he is away from his everyday summer life, he will even comply for the blog.

Other things about vacation:

Just because you read the Book about How to Catch largemouth Bass, doesn't mean the fish read it that day. Or maybe they did!

I missed reading YOUR blogs. I am as much about posting and commenting I guess.

We are spoiled with the great selection of Yarn Studios and Shops in our area. Does any magazine list best places to live for knitters?

When you knit around the campfire, women are amazed. Men are baffled by why you brought your knitting along....(to all the male knitters out there, I don't mean you)

It helps one's knitting to have someone make you breakfast and dinner everyday. I love the American Plan. Allows for increased needle time!

If you take a nap you sometimes miss seeing a waterspout on Little Kitten lake. Sometimes, I say . They hadn't had one in 34 years. It was a bright, sunny, puffy while cloud day.

There will be other water spouts. Naps rule.

Cream Pepper soup is great for warming up a knitter after a cool day of knitting on the fishing boat......


~Kristie said...

Your vacation looks and sounds wonderful!! I'm so jealous.

Emily said...

Hee! You've got a whole book's worth of "Things I learned on my Vacation!"

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