Monday, July 23, 2007

Baby steps baby steps

If anyone at all has been wondering how my sister's vest is coming along....well, it isn't. I have the concept part of knitting both fronts at once, but the reality just isn't happening....
So am I going to conquer it and feel that great accomplished freedom.
I knit for pleasure not challenge. I'll start the top down raglan she also wanted me to knit for her. Knitting Pure and Simple pattern. Absolutely achievable. I just need to order some Bryson bryflex needles and then I can start.

Sharon has a website, with some unique purse patterns. More are coming. She is a local designer. If you are thinking of a fall or winter purse, hers are beautiful.

The cloud over Wildcat lake is for your viewing pleasure.


Kim said...

You are a linking fiend! What great purses!

Donna Boucher said...

Oh my gosh!
What a fantastic photograph!!!

Love it!

Rising Rainbow said...

I used to knit all of the time but the last project I worked on turned out just huge even though I did my test thingy at the beginning to be sure I was on scale. So frustration set in and now I just look at my knitting stuff.

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