Friday, July 13, 2007

Al's Shawl is going to the Studio

Lynnette at 3 Bags Full, asked Al if she could display her shawl in the Studio for awhile.
There is no hurry to give it to her cousin, so off it goes. I needed a model, so the boy in the park statue had to do.

Al warns the border wasn't terribly fun. She had to pick up 400 stitches (or was it 200?) for the trim on size 2's. It has been fun to watch her knit this cape/poncho and see it come together.

I'm chugging along on the vest fronts. I had to call Joan for some help this morning. "It is a glitch," she told me. The problem...
I'm getting all turned around with directions on the circulars. She had the fix: go to straights. She says it will be crystal clear.

Postcard contest goes until Labor Day remember. Monica asked if you can enter more than one postcard.....
SURE, you can.


Alisha said...

Holy cow that is amazing!!

p.s. you commented on the right post for the contest...good luck!!

Karen said...

WOW! That is gorgeous!~

monica said...

Wow, that turned out gorgeous and the edging is wonderful. Great job Al.

Ling said...

Gorgeous shawl! Could you remind me where the pattern is from again?
Must get my postcards to you!

suburban prep said...

What a wonderful shawl. I will look for it next time I go to the store.

Sheknits said...

Amazingly beautiful shawl and what patience. The weird thing here is that I came across your blog because I was looking for knitting blog contests to talk about on my podcast and out of all the blogs in the knitting blog universe your's came up. What is amazing to me is that 3 bags full is my LYS and I just interviewed Lynette for my podcast. If you are interested in hearing the interview e-mail me and I will send you a link.
I think it is great you took a knitting class, I am not certain who Joan is.....I find it inspirational somehow that you seeked out this kind of help and it sounds like it was such a positive experience.

Sheknits said...

I do sell some of the patterns, and also sell whole kits with the yarn and the pattern. Lets take this of blog communication and at least go to straight forward e-mail. Mine is
I'd be happy to tell you what I have- you can see some of them on my Etsy site, though I just sold two kits tonight and have to re-list tomorrow. I do have separate patterns as well. Just e-mail me when you get a chance and we will go from there. I have a question, are you Ali's Mom? I have met her (once) at three bags when she was working ther...she was so nice and ris really really beautiful...and talented!!! Can't get much better then that.

Breien in Lansingerland said...

Beautiful shawl. I guess Al is proud that her shawl is shown in the LYS.

Cards are on their way to you ;-)

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