Friday, June 29, 2007

Since last we met....

I cannot stop with this logcabin blanket. It is all I want to knit. The last time I showed it to you, I believe it was in the hands of our brave heroes.
I believe I was on the first block of black.

Since then the blanket has been to an outing. I went to the Rockies game in Chicago this week. The folks in their season ticket seats were so nice about my knitting.
The first drunk man said, "are you expecting?" to me
The second drunk man said, "man I oughta learn to do that instead of stuffing my face"
and the third drunk man said, "My fiance can't sit still, like you. She comes to all my hockey games and knits.

I believe all were compliments. I was wearing my NY yankee pink hat at the Major League game.

Needless to say, nothing else is getting knitted around here, save for the quick crochet finish on Mr. Coopers coat.

My Minnesota transplanted sis won't get the vest until fall I am afraid. Not only have I deserted her gift due to the log cabin obsession, but the one day I did attempt to get going on it again, I discovered a huge mistake and ripped back most of the left front.

What's the longest someone had to wait for your gift knit?


suburban prep said...

I bought a kit to make an entralac purse-backpack from the Stitches Midwest and it sat in my closet until I understood what entralac was all about (about 2 years).

Emily said...

My sister is still waiting on a hat. She just sent the swatch card to me in the mail with the hat color selection circled and a post it that says, "This will match my coat perfectly, do you think I can have it this winter?"

Kim said...

I'm working on a log cabin, too --- know what you mean about it being addicting.

Kim said...

My sweetie has been waiting 7 years for his sweater. Which is going to the frog pond, to be reborn in his size (which hasn't changed in 7 years....but my knitting has gotten better!)

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