Saturday, June 09, 2007

Irisheyes Meet........'.tis Maggie Jackon

The lovely Maggie Jackson of Maggie's Ireland patterns is spending the weekend with Three Bags Full in Northbrook, IL. You can catch her there this afternoon, Saturday, and she is leading workshops on Sunday and possibly Monday as well.

Last night I had my first modeling experience at Maggie's Trunk Show at the studio.
It was sooooooooo hard to be the QUIET silent model. It may be my last modeling experience. There was none of the America's Top Model shinanigans going on as the 6 of us hustled and bustled upstairs to get into our outfits as Maggie had directed.
There was a alot of whispered laughter amongst us.

I learned that Al has hung with a wild crowd over there at 3 Bags for the last several years. Never judge the store help by their professionalism on the floor.
Josie, Debby, Anne, and Penny T. were the other models. Oh, there was one extremely beautiful 17 year old (not Al) who modeled all of Maggie's dresses to perfection.
We are sure we shocked her having to dress with woman 30 years her senior. I am certain she thought we were the DOVE models.

Back to Maggie.
I was enchanted with her line. I love clever you know and her designs are just that. Usually I shy away from such shows; probably because I think the knitting will be complex and unattainable for me. (recall if you will My STITCHES class experiences) Well, I am here to tell you, her designs are within my reach.

The garments are created with simple stitches. The yarns Maggie designs do the magic for you. I have already ordered her Nautical Look patterns book. My favorite piece to model is from that very book.

All her pieces are....get this....SLIMMING! It's the drape and the way she accentuates the lines that draw attention away from you know where. I would say her creations are whimsical. You feel the magic when you put them on and play with which way you want to wear the piece. Few rules apply.

Lynnette is taking orders for her books and they will be in the store within a week for you. If you have your eye on any of them, call Lynnette and she can order for you. But, if you have the time and the inkling stop in to the store today, or tomorrow.

If any of my blog buds wants a book, I can place the order for you and get it right out next week.

Oh, and if you go, ask Maggie about her buttons. Everypiece had incredible buttons. If you browse her books, take a look at the buttons.

Is this my longest post ever?


Donna Boucher said...

Hi Maggie.
And Kahty! You are so very pretty!!

Emily said...

Three Bags Full is the perfect name for a yarn store.

Jennifer said...

What a magical experience. I love the part about not modeling again due to the silence. Ha! I couldn't do it either.

Karen said...

Oh, it sounds like a wonderful time!! How cool that you were a model too. I see a new career looming in your future!!!

Ling said...

Wow - sounds like you had a fab time!

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