Thursday, May 24, 2007


I've finally found a place to put the cell phones........
hello? hello? can you hear me now?

Now, second photo: This is a purse.
Faithful readers may recall when this was not a purse.
It went to my LYS to have a zipper added.
Now it is a purse.
Now I have 20 less dollars.
It was a stash purse modeled after a hobo bag pattern.
I think it was a Vogue purse book.
The purse is a tube.
The zipper is placed perpendicular to the bottom.
It folds up so cute.
Imagine it..... can you?
Did I splain this sufficiently?


Emily said...

Wait. What?

PS The cell phones look at home with their great great great grand-dad.

Mizz Boyeah said...

Let me try this:

I'm not good at graphics. :(

Imagine You knit a big tube. Then you sew the bottom of the tube, or kitchener or 3 needle bind off.
You with me?
Then you would take the two top ends of the tube,
and bring them towards each other in the middle. This is how the zipperline will go.
Still there EM?
If not, I'll Post some pics of the process!

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