Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Almost a purse......almost Irish

The purse is going to my LYS to have a zipper put in. The zipper will be placed perpendicular to the bottom.
The yarns are all sale or stash:
Bottom: P-zazz
Middle: tartlette and a brown
Top: Sale yarn at my LYS that started with a C mixed with the same brown use with tartlette.

On another note, this irisheyed knitter spend some time at the wedding with some relatives the bride raked up from Ireland. The bride is Irish-American, Hungarian American and German American. I kept telling the Irish that i was the Hungarian in the family. (I was confused however as the Irish seemed to like sauces, not just the sauce, too) I thought that was my Hungarian side. They were clever and charming.

One of the discussions I invited had to do with their descriptions of folks in the measurement of stones. If anyone ever asks me my weight again, I'll tell them Im about 81/2 stones.

My mom's Irish cousin likes Desperate Housewives. They have their own version of Dancing with the Stars: its called IRish Reels and Jigs.

They brought lots of Thornton's Irish chocolates along. Mmmmmmmmmm. I thought that sweet tooth was my Hungarian side too........

Mom's cousin wore a feathered hat to the wedding. I wore a hat at my own wedding.

Am I .....almost Irish afterall? Or more Hungarian? You know what, I'm American. That suits me just fine.

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