Sunday, April 01, 2007

Did you get April fooled?

I got April fooled. Sort of. My neice called me from PA to April fool me and I played along. I love April fools day so I am on alert most of the day. The computer has been April fooling me however, so someone's having a good time with me. Probably my Nana. She absolutely loved April Fools day. We have long elaborate family stories of how we have had fun on this day.

We have a bit of jelly bean overload in this house. Brach's, Sweettart (have you tried these, ohhhhh are they sour, and addictive) and Jolly Ranchers. I know I've mentioned that Helen Brach the candy heiress lived in our town of Glenview. So we have to have some Brach's beans and talk about how she's never been found. Al brought the others home because the real jelly bean lover in the house, had a crash on his bike yesterday and broke a rib. I think it is medically proven that jelly beans heal broken ribs, right?

I am finishing the crochet shawl tonight. I haven't decided on a border or fringe.....hmmmm. I cannot wait to wash this linen and see if it, indeed, is as soft as promised when washed.....

Then there is the matter of Al and I winning some yarn moohla. NCAA march madness and we are the CHAMPIONS, my friend. Sing along.... Of course we have to split it, but I will undoubtedly purchase a yarn something or other. I saw the ear piece with the light that would light up my knitting for porch season. Truth be told, the needles with the lights only work if I am....ready? knitting with size 10s. This revelation occurred to me after I bought the tens.

Then again, I would love a wooden crochet hook that my LYS is selling.

A massage would be heaven......but it will be over too quickly and then I'll be sad AND have no new yarn.

For those of you who guessed which class I'm taking at Stitches, well there was a clue. I said I hated to waste money. STASHOLOGY!

Happy April!

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Kat said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! Stashology!! Yikes - that could be a good class for me!!

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