Friday, April 27, 2007

Al's off to the Rehearsal Dinner

Just a little black dress but, how about the lace wrap......
I know I am supposed to tell you the yarn and the pattern, and I have before, I swear. You'll have to look through the archives if you need to know soon. Otherwise when Al is finished being a bridesmaid I'll ask her and post it again. I think it was an Interweave pattern.

Have you ever been to Donna Boucher's blog Quiet Life? It is one of my favorites. She answers blog comments by commenting below them. I might adopt this style. It is easier than hunting for an email address. Do you mind? She always answers as Mizz Booshay. So if I comment on a comment I'm going to be Kathy Boyeah! Donna you don't mind do you? Look for me in the commments, too, then!

This particular bride has instructed all the bridesmaids NOT to wear hosiery. What is the strangest request you have heard a bride make?


opportunityknits said...

Simply beautiful. Al sure knits fast!
And I completely understand about the searching for e-mail addresses. I keep sending replies to the wrong person!

monica said...

That is a beautiful wrap. I can't think of any odd requests, but I have to admit no hosiery is an odd one.

MIzzBoyeah said...

Monica......I thought I was just out of the loop and no hosiery was a new young trend. For the record, I wore hosiery aa the aunti of the bride. I have to see it wasn't noticeable that the maids were stockingless, and they wore short dresses.

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