Thursday, March 29, 2007

Al's Blue Moon Fiber Arts vest

Al finished this vest last night. She says she started out with an Interweave Sweater Pattern and changed the whole thing. I love the result. She bought the yarn in Marengo about a month ago. She has an eye for seeing yarn as it will be. I wish I had this talent. I thought the yarn was pretty ugly when she bought it. Now.....I love it. I also just love the collar on this vest.

For anyone who's keeping track, her Valentine sweater is still giving her problems. I think it was a pattern from the Knitting Garden? I'll show it to you when she prevails.

I've signed up for Stitches in August. What do you think I signed up for? Any guesses?
Al's taking Overcoming Fear of Cutting, steeks class. Remember last year I sat next to the woman from the FBI who had learned to knit the week before and was following our Chart reading class like it was a remedial reading class......Al kept encouraging me not to "shut down."
You know I'm basically innumerate, spacially challenged, and prefer long narratives with my instructions.

The year before that I took the Barry Klein class involving measuring our waists, hips, bust etc. I know there were some great points in that class, but I mostly remember Lynn and Maureen coming in a bit late, and Debbie from the LYS sharing her scone with me......

I hate to waste money and I really hate to waste money and feel defeated at the end of a class. I should have chosen an E for easy class, but this class is a rank above Easy.

go ahead , guess.....


Alyssa said...

Wow! The vest looks terrific!

And I'm guessing a knitting sweaters in the round class. I know how you hate seams. :)

Betty said...

Very pretty vest!

I was thinking about traveling back to Chicago, but all of the classes I would have wanted to take filled up so fast!

Karen said...

Great job on the vest Al!! The color and style suit you.
I'm not even going to venture a guess about your class. But have fun!

Kat said...

Okay, my guess is BBR's 12 hour Danish Skrå-trøjer class!!

:-) and I absolutely love the vest!

Have a great weekend!

Lynne said...

Fantastic vest, AL! It's really, really cute. And, Kathy B? My guess is "Fabulous Finishing for the Fearless."

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