Monday, February 19, 2007

Finished my Raglan

I finished my sweater. I'm supposed to broken-record blog. I forgot who, but a blogger I read asked that we keep telling what yarn, what pattern etc. because the reader may not want to go back and find the information at the start. So, here's my broken record :

Knitting Pure and Simple Top Down Raglan
Yarn: Jaeger extra fine merino chunky. Shade: 013.

Can you see the little blue flecks amidst the cream color?

Ahhh knitting in the round. My favorite. I did knit while watching the cars go around and around yesterday at the Daytona 500. What a finish, for me and Harvick!


Beverly said...

Your sweater looks fabu and you look cold! I'm going to have to try the top-down raglan.

What issues were you have with the Ram's Horn sweater? I'm thinking about knitting it, but don't want to deal with major problems at the moment.

Donna Boucher said...

Great sweater! Great fit!

Elizabeth said...

Oh your top down sweater is beautiful and looks very good on you!. Good Job!!!!! By the way, I heard on Fox this morning that someone in Texas is stealing gnomes, so keep your little fella safe ! There may be a gnome stealing ring out there close to you ;)

Rose said...

Your sweater is gorgeous! Great job. Would you be inclined to share that top/down pattern?

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