Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Knitting a Garter for a bride

The Knitting Calendar was a thoughtful gift Al received. I found a pattern in JUNE, because I had to flip through the whole thing right away, that I need. My neice has asked me to knit her wedding garter. I said sure before finding this pattern. phew. I think I'll knit it in something wonderful for her, like angora. The pattern calls for fixation. What do you think?

Kim asked for the Ruffled Roses Scarf pattern. If you go to she will point you towards a knit shop where you can purchase the pattern. She's promoting knitters get out to their LYS and show support.

I am having some template issues right now. Sorry the sidebar isn't showing. I hope to fix this soon.

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Karen said...

I never in a million years would have thought you could find a pattern for a bridal garter!!! But you know, I think there's a pattern for everything. Can't wait to see it all knit up!!

Sidebar is back and looks good!! :)

Chicago Jen said...

{waving wildly} Hi Kathy!!!

We miss you at Group!! I hope your holidays were wonderful and somewhat peaceful!

As for the Garter, Angora would be wonderful on the skin, but I'm afraid you might need the elastic in the Fixation to hold it up.... Maybe you can do some drop stitches in the middle and weave a piece of 1/2 inch elastic through? Or maybe put it in a pink satin sleeve and then weave it through? OR! Maybe I'm getting a little out of hand here....just maybe. I'm just thinking the fixation will give you some staying power. Smooches to you!

BAM said...

I love those pattern a day calendars...this is my 3rd year of them thanks to my knitting sis!

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