Friday, October 27, 2006

They felted after all.

Thanks for all the great suggestions. Many feltings later, they are cute as a pumpkin. I do love the color. Don't know if I would think of repeating this experience, but at least I feel like they came out okay.

Just working on some socks currently. An Opal yarn with oranges and blacks and whites. Nothing fancy. Superwash. :)

I have quite the sock yarn stash since Stitches and feel like knitting away on simple socks. I also have a great yarn from my friend Diane and they will be socks as well. Soothing sock knitting. That's the plan.

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monica said...

Well, they definitely look smaller. What type of yarn is that anyway, just in case I ever try to felt with it.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, much better. Very nice! I'm glad they felted down further for you.

Kathy said...


The yarn was karaoke, dye lot 280# if that helps. Silk/wool blend. Rasperry color to me. Subtle striping.

Birdsong said...

Who'da thunk it?! I actually think felted handwarmers might win out over non-felted, especially for warmth. Very cute, posed with tiny pumpkin.

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