Sunday, October 08, 2006

Nothing to show for it

I am posting the lovely new quilt that hangs in our town's only farm. My favorite part of a quilt is how black can make it look so beautiful. I had nothing to do with this, other than be an admirer.

I have nothing to show you for my knitting this weekend. I buckled down and finished a sleeve on the Swing coat. I was talking to some other knitters and asked them how they motivate themselves to finish something they've lost interest in.

One said, "Bribe yourself. Promise yourself something when you finish."
Another said, "I don't know I have never completed a full pair of socks."
Still another, "Go somewhere outside your home and you'll focus on it."

Well, I decided the COAT was something I promised myself when I spent all the money on the skeins and skeins of Noro yarn, last July. Reminding myself of the cost of it propelled this Frugal Hungarian on. Hearing the weather is going to get chilly soon, motivated me as well. Here's to finishing the other sleeve by mid-week.

What motivates you to finish? I'd love to know.
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Marcia said...

I've lost my motivation for finishing my Noro too, since having to take it apart and fix my sloppy seaming. But I would like to wear it to Rhinebeck.....

monica said...

I often lose interest in big projects. When that happens I usually just put it away for awhile. Or I will knit something small and quick to finish so I feel like I have accomplished something and then bring it back out.

Alyssa said...

I post a deadline or goal finish date on my blog. Nothing like a public declaration to motivate! Also, it's always ok to knit some socks for a little break:)

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