Sunday, September 10, 2006

Socks that Rock Syndrome

This is irisheyes Lynn's fault. She gifted some Socks that Rock yarn to me. As of tomorrow, I am blatently disregarding any live thing on current needles no matter how much guilt I feel, and casting on for a pair of socks ..that WILL rock.

The colors are my favorites. I've knitted for gauge and YEH BABY I don't have to knit them on toothpicks. AND Just winding the stuff was enjoyable.

I did finish the body of Swing Jacket today. Just cannot bear to start the sleeves today. This is a known part of the diagnosis to the STR syndrome. Nothing else really matters, just gotta cast on socks.

I am thinking of a contest. I have laceweight that someone really ought to use and enjoy. Who wants Laceweight? Just looking at it makes me think of knots and frustration. Blocking...ugh.. All of it. Does anybody want laceweight? anybody? let me know. You are a braver knitter than I . That's okay. It takes all kinds, my mom says.

I'll post a photo of the two skeins I have soon.

Please leave me your email or blog so I can thank you for your comment.


Beth said...

Is that Azure Malachite? I have socks from that colorway. Yummmm, love 'em. Don't love laceweight though. Ick.

Alyssa said...

Oooh, pretty socks that rock. I'm severly addicted to that stuff. You'll love it! I'm actually fond of lace-knitting. About to cast on for a lace scarf.

Hope to see you at GROUP soon. I always like visiting with you. And thanks for the comment on my anniversary:)

Dorothy said...

Lace, did you say lace? I am seriously addicted to lace yarn and I actually use it! Must know more!

Karen said...

Don't tell . . . because I haven't admitted to it and was hoping I could fly it under the radar . . . but I orders Socks That Rock. You can't get it at LYS here, and I was just yearning to try it because everyone raves about it so. Haven't cast it on yet though - I may be a little intimidated by it's greatness.

Lace . . . hmm . . . I started a shawl for Amazing Lace . . . and FAILED MISERABLY. But I'm going to try again. I know I can knit lace . . . just wait and see.

Dave said...

That STR is beautiful. I love blue :-)

Is that the lightweight or the medium? I find their naming a little confusing. I just got some and I'm debating about needle size. What the heck is medium weight sock yarn? Sport? Koigu-like? But you sure can't beat their colours!

Beverly said...

I got the chance to touch some for the first time in July. Have you tried the Cherry Tree HIll Supersock? I've been resisting the urge since Wednesday.

Michelle D. said...

I enjoy lace knitting, however, it takes me eons to get anything accomplished, but I like it nonetheless. The contests to win yarn I enjoy even more.

Who can resist the siren song of STR espescially in those lovely blues. Guilt is overated btw, Rock on.

Agnes said...

That colourway of STR is fantastic! Those lovely blues!
What do we have to do for the contest? I love laceweight ... you think my husband would think I buy yarn again if I win? hahaha ... have a nice week!

Donna Boucher said...

I can't wait to see these socks knit up!!!

Pat K said...

Lovely color. And I'm enjoying working on my STR socks, so I know you will enjoy yourself as well.

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