Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sock that Rocks with my Locks

Irisheyes Lynn sent me the STR yarn. Ohhhhh, doesn't it knit up lovely? Basic sock pattern, nothing fancy. Im showing off the yarn. I'm midway through the second sock.

The locks....are being mailed to Locks of Love today. I had fun growing the hair out for the donation. The new "do" is kind of fun too. When KEVIN my new hairguy cut the ponytail off, and handed it to me, wet, it was kind of like holding a wet mouse....ewwwww!

Anyhow back to knitting. To the anonymous comment person who left such a great uplifting note, here are my sock tips. I'm no expert but my love of socks may lend itself to helping you:

You will learn to love doublepoints. Just think to yourself, you are only knitting on two of the needles at once. The others are just resting, waiting, hoping for their turn.

Start with a sock yarn that knits up at 4 or 5 stitches per inch. You could do this with Cascade fixation. This way you are not squinting and working with the tiny toothpick needles and stitches. Make your first sock a success!

Consider investing in one sock class or private lesson from a good yarn shop in your area. The investment will repay itself over and over. Where are you from, dear commentor? We are a generous group, we knitters, we can steer you to a great shop I am sure.

The joy of socks will overtake you. I think you could spend a lifetime knitting socks.

Unless you live near the equator.....socks are useful and wonderful.

Good luck and thanks for the sweet comments.
Please leave me your email or blog so I can thank you for your comment.


Irisheyes Lynn said...

Gorgeous sock, Kath! Can't wait to see the new 'do!

Karen said...

I think it's so wonderful that you are donating your hair to Locks of Love. Give yourself a big pat on the back. I also agree with all of the sock tips you wrote for the anonymous commenter. She'll be just as hooked on socks as we are in no time!!

Alyssa said...

Hooray, Kathy! That's so neat you are doing Locks of Love. I always thought I couldn't because I color my hair, but I just checked their site and as long as it's not damaged, they'll take it:) Maybe I'll get a short cut like you - can't wait to see it!

Susan said...

Good for you! I was thinking of you at noon on Tuesday, getting that ponytail cut off. Now let's see an after photo.

Oh, and you can wear socks at the equator -- in some places it gets cold at night and the equator also cuts through some mountain ranges where socks area a good idea. So you *can* use socks just about everywhere! :-)

Karen said...

I'm going to donate my hair soon too. My braid is getting long, I'm sure I have 10". I would love to try some STR yarn someday, knitters rave about it so much.

Jodi Clair said...

Dear Kathy your blog will be my inspiration to take up the needles again this fall. Last year it was shawlette...this year I believe I'll aim for shrug and a sock class! I miss you...and much I could cry really. Work now is just work...I'm giving it time. Please post a picture of your sassy short hair!

monica said...

I have not knit with the STR yet, I love the color of yours. I keep trying to talk my youngest into donating her hair, but she isn't having any of that. She wants to keep her hair, all of it.

Birdsong said...

Me too! I want to see a picture of the new you... and even though my hair is colored, but not damaged, not sure I could grow it as long as when I was back in my twenties with waist-length hair (and Locks of Love didn't exist yet). The sock tips are too great.... hey, did I send you my mailing address? I was swamped last week, but am beginning to get a handle on my new schedule.

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