Friday, September 08, 2006

The slow porch life of irisheyes kathleen

Things are well, slow around here.
The back porch is THE place to be these days for me.
The sun has been seasonally sharing herself freely this week. She's in a good mood.

I am reading a book that my husband gave me a couple of years ago:
SWINGING IN PLACE, Porch Life in Southern Culture by Donlon.
We don't shell peas or anything on my porch. But, it is a perch from which the I watch the flurry of the neighborhood or lack thereof on Sunday mornings.
Living in the heart of the dreaded west nile virus area, a screened porch offers me a certain peace of mind, without the DDT.

At times the porch is as much of a mess as the rest of the house. I have acquired 5 rockers that line the south side. There is also a futon with its back to the sidewalk and an American Flag for some privacy (and Respect. My husband flew it on the porch on 9/11 and we haven't moved it since, altho it has needed replacing.)

Much knitting gets done on the back porch. The knitting is slow for me right now as well. Alas, I will show my slow, albeit, steady progress on the Swing Coat, Cabin Fever pattern, in of course, NORO.

Who loves the porch the most? Radar the deaf cat, will cry to go out on the porch on all but the coldest winter days. He takes his sunshine seriously. Maybe I should too!

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Marcia said...

It's wonderful! Thanks for sharing. I'll look forward to seeing you modeling the finished coat. I'd love to come sit on your porch and knit Noros together!

Sandysknitting said...

That beautiful coat is nearing the finish line! SO EXCITING! Love your Ode to the Porch! I agree!

Elizabeth said...

Your swing coat is coming right along. Very lovely. Can't wait for the finished product and you modeling it. Aren't porches wonderful--so relaxing to sit, knit, and watch the world go by. :)

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