Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Shrug pattern for those who asked

Here is the view of the Shrug as shown in Family Circle Easy knitting, Spring/Summer 2005. There isn't anything Im trying to hide with the front of mine, just no willing model today.

The pattern is Marcia Cleary's Rolled collar shrug. Knit from shoulder edge to shoulder edge. They used "Jewel Box" yarn, I used Katmandu. It was an easy knit. Thanks for your comments.

TOMORROW I will draw for the lace. :) Im so excited. Thanks to all for playing along and the great sites you left for me and others to check out for knitting.

The Noro Jacket Swing Coat sleeves are killing me. SLooooooooW progress. I think I knit more than I actually sit still and knit. perhaps this explains it!
Please leave me your email or blog so I can thank you for your comment.


Sarah said...

Very cute shrug.

It is almost shrug weather in Arizona in the morning and evenings.

Hmmm...might have to try and find that issue.

Pat K said...

Hey, I think I have that magazine somewhere! I'll have to relook at the shrug pattern. And it is definitely cool enough in Arizona now for a shrug morning and evening.

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