Thursday, September 07, 2006

Little gift socks in a flower crock...

Not to copy Lynne at I Was Knit Together in My Mother's Womb, who recently posted great great socks in a crock after my socks flummoxed post, BUT

my dear friend Diane gave me this gorgeous gift. It's WICK from KnitOneCrochet Too. Color 141. The little matching green scissors is so cute. I can never have enough scissors in this house.

Diane knows I have 3 darling cats. I will take another photo of the cats her daughter made to look just like mine for the gift. Sometimes a gift is so pretty you hesistate to take it apart!

My knitting efforts are scattered right now and I don't like how this feels. I am 3/4 done with Swing Coat. Just started Oat Couture's vest in alpaca, and have Crazy Woman fingerless going as well.

Change of seasons....winds blowing around....thoughts scattered..this too shall pass.

I read a RURAL PEARL that is great for knitters in COUNRTY magazine this month. I don't live in the country, but I pretend I may someday! The pearl is:
Pat Perry's of Covallis Montana:

"A man on horseback can't see it, and a man on foot has no business looking." at mistakes that is! That's my motto when I show someone my knitting and only I know its flaws. Thanks Pat.

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