Friday, September 15, 2006

A great day for a shrug

The weather is just a bit cooler and I decided to wear my shrug today. I cannot believe I was going to frog this soft, wonderful little thing. It really was on my list to frog. Honestly, what was I thinking? I'm sorry little shrug. You were perfect for today.

I have had fun going to all the contest participants websites. Thanks. Feel free to read the comments yourself and go hunting. I have to say a favorite was the beret that you turn inside out afterwards. Oh I am so sorry I cannot recall who gave me that tip, and I think it is your very own pattern too. It is on my must knits.

I'm starting the jacket sleeve after dinner tonight...........Please look good and make no holes......

Happy Weekend to everyone even if you are working. I am off work awhile and I find being home on weekends really strange. NOT complaining, just sayin'.

Please leave me your email or blog so I can thank you for your comment.


Beverly said...

And why where you planning on frogging this shrug? It looks great, at least from the back view.

I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on the sweater, especially since you are matching colors. What colorway are you using in the Noro?

Kat said...

Way. Cute. Shrug! Don't frog!!! Where did you get the pattern - my daughter would love that! :-)

:-) Kat @

Elizabeth said...

I'm glad you didn't frog the shrug too!!! It looks fantastic from the back and I'm sure it is even more so from the front! ;)

BAM said...

I am hooked on shrugs for some reason, a nice way to spice up short sleeves/tanks!

Yours looks great, BTW, what a good color!

Laura said...

The shrug looks wonderful. Could you please tell me which pattern it is? It would make a lovely gift.
I am a new reader and love your blog.

opportunityknits said...

Thank goodness you didn't frog it, it looks so soft and warm and it has nice fit. And I'm wondering how the front looks like too :)

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