Saturday, September 23, 2006

A good Mistake

There has not been much sunlight the past two days in the Chicago area. During a current downpour, I decided to try to take a post picture for today. I do love available light, and this shot does show the truest color of the Misti Alpaca. Soft? This stuff defines soft.

I was going to make a pocketed vest with a hood, with this yarn. It was an Oat Couture pattern. I'm froggin it. Stuff this soft should be next to skin, not anything else. I am thinking sleeveless turtleneck. Maybe.

The reason I frogged it: I forgot where I was in the pattern. Seems I started out knitting for one size yarn and picked up and knitted for another. Oh well. Must watch this in the future. Say use a pen or something? It is no bother at all to restart with this stuff. I could knit forever with this soft alpaca. Mmmmmmmm.
Happy Fall.
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Pat K said...

That does look like a good soft gray color, and makes me think of real comfort sweater-wearing. Does that make sense? I've had sweatshirts that I wore to death; something like this could be the same way.

Sarah said...

I LOVE alpaca!

Yes, it should be next to the skin.

Donna Boucher said...

Misti Alpaca is so nice. It is produced or distributed in Illinois or Wisconsin. (I think)

Strange thing...I'm having a hard time finding it.

Enjoy knitting with sure picked a nice color.


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