Wednesday, August 23, 2006

If I were a dye man

The choice: Big Mexico washable wool. Knitting up at 4sts/inch on 7's.
The feeling: fantastic. Making this sock is akin to buying the cake mix instead of making it by scratch.

Told my husband this pair is for him. (I'm subconsciously justifying my knitting again). He said, and I quote, "hmmmm". What I heard in his head was, "Forget the socks. This house is a disaster and if the fire dept has to come over for some reason, and all my friends see the state of it.....I'll be talked about for years...."

The house could be in a worse state. Afterall, he tries to keep it in shape.
Oh, its LIVED in, I say! He's going to love his socks. ...he better.

Now, if I were a dye man, (sung to Fiddler on the Roof tunes)
I would name a yarn I dyed: black walnut. We are taking down our black walnut tree. Isn't the brown inside marvelous? The yarn would be creamy and well, black walnut brown. If I start dyeing yarns.....there will be more than a Hmmmmmmm, around here.


Beverly said...

"LIVED in" sounds like the perfect house description.

I love black walnuts and would have never thought the wood looked like that on the inside. So unique just like the taste.

Birdsong said...

I have dyed wool with black walnut, but it is the outer, green husks you use... funny, since the dye color they produce is that lovely medium brown shade.

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