Friday, July 14, 2006

This wonderful wool is from Alice at I won "HARVEST" from Claudia's blog. Claudia Raised a boatload of money for MS by this contest.

Now it is going to be in the heatstroke 100s here in Chicago this week, so Harvest will wait...but not for long. I am currently knitting some anklet socks from the other wool I won from Alice. It is a gorgeous handdye as well, in purples and greens. Definitely the skinniest yarn I've yet to knit up, say 8sts per inch.

Because I am so balanced, AHEM,
I am going to cast on with some Noro that is 3 1/2 sts/inch for the Swing Coat by CabinFever. Al found the pattern for me. She's seen a knitter who frequents Three Bags Full make 2 of them. She is sure I'm going to love it. I'm sure she's right!

I was debating the Eistein Coat, but fear it will give me bigger butt...
This coat is tapered at the waist.

Stay cool and remember: I hate March so this is just fine with me. Not a cold bone in my body!


Pat K said...

What beautiful yarn! And the garden's not bad, either.

Beth said...

I've heard those Einstein coats grow with age and really don't flatter any figure. (my guess is that would mean mine) ;)

Jennifer said...

Yeah! You are the ultimate contest winner. When are you coming out East???

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