Sunday, July 23, 2006

Snowshoe Softball Up North Guest blog photo

Pat, who mans the concessions at Snowshoe Softball in Lake Tomahawk, WI, finally gave in and let me take his picture with my sock. His mother made him. Thank Goodness for mothers.

Snowshoe softball is played right from the heart. No wimpy men with finger blisters whining. No DL. No coaches with excuses and paychecks bigger than our net worth. They have FUN on the field. They trip and fall and slide and collide with snowshoes on to raise money for the local Fire Dept. equipment. My Chicago Cub attitude is one of pure disgust.

The sock is made from prize yarn. It will be a practically cuffless pair. The colors are lovely, but it is not truly a sock yarn, so it has some issues. I may end up felting them and giving them to a child as a bootie.....ahhh the options we knitters have. We are so lucky!


Karen said...

That has got to be the funniest concept of baseball I've every heard of. Too hilarious!! Yes mothers are wonderful, we wield such power, even over grown men.

Pat K said...

I've never heard of baseball with snow shoes either, but hey, why not?

Karen said...

I so love when you have guest bloggers!! And the snowshoe softball sound hysterical!!

Jennifer said...

How hilarious - snowshoe softball. Thanks for the humor. The socks look great.

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