Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Literally Bitten

I was digging around one of the many yarn bags yesterday, looking for a stitchmarker. I was doing the blind sweep, eyes peeled to the Elephant documentary I was watching when , OUCH!, I was stung by something while my hand was in the knitting bag.

Beware the knitting bug.....truth be told, the bag had been on the screened porch a few weeks....has this happened to you? Perhaps the bug will give me a titre and protect me from alpaca allergies now....stay tuned

Al is making Lucinda Guy's Dream Cardigan in 7 different skeins of Koigu. I am in awe. I love the pattern.

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Liz said...

Can't wait to see Al's new cardigan, I stopped by her store on Saturday & was blown away by the Koigu stock, I want it all. Hope to see you at Group tomorrow.

Karen said...

I've worn Koigu (my sister knit me a pair of socks) but have never knit with the elusive yarn. The pic is wonderful, so bright and colorful.

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