Tuesday, July 04, 2006

An All American Fourth of July Knitting Story

My friend Diane told me this story. She visits a knit shop in MN called 3 Little Kittens. While she was there last weekend, they told a story of a newly married couple. The wife sent the husband to pick up some yarn she had ordered.

He was astounded when the owner told him the price for 6 skeins was 56 dollars or so.
"56 dollars? Really? My new wife has a whole shed of this stuff....
Maybe I better get it insured!"

Do you insure your stash???????????????

Happy Indepence Day! I'll be knitting during the fireworks...will you?
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Pat K said...

And I say, "Only $56??"

Karen said...

As long as the stash isn't over $1000 mine is covered without needing anything extra. Where's my calculator? And yep, I knitted during the fireworks, on my comfy couch in my air-conditioned home! Love the bear, BTW!

Karen said...

Funny you should mention that - I just spent yesterday organizing and cataloging my stash . . . and Pea was trying to figure out how much it was probably worth. Maybe for insurance? Probably not - LOL. The flowers in the picture are lovely.

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