Saturday, June 10, 2006

Worldwide Knit in Public Day..I did, did you?

Locals will know where I knitted immediately by the fish cups: BOB CHINN's crabhouse on Milwaukee. I have wanted a Mai Tai since about March and finally got one tonight. I did knit in public at our booth and I felt compelled to tell my waitress, Lynette (!) that it was worldwide knit in public day. She said she saw a group knitting at her Borders and the man in the group was the fastest knitter she saw.

Someone did stop by our booth as I knitted and told me her sister is a knitter and she also rides a motorcylce. Her plates say "I knit". I told her that was great!
Does anyone know her sister by the plates?

My camera batteries were recharging at the time, so you'll just have to believe me!
I had the Onaga from hawaii and it was a pure indulgence. I am working on my drawstring ponch. I ditched the moss colorway and am using Rayon Boucle colorway Australia. No worms. :)
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Karen said...

Wow, that sounds like a great place. Yummy!! And isn't it great how kntting opens the door to some great conversations. I knit a bit in public today, while waiting at the hairdressers. They're used to me by now, and always ask to see my projects. :)

My surprise came yesterday - I LOVE IT!!!! I can't wait to knit one up. :) Thank you so much. I'll be snapping pics today (now that the rain has finally stopped) and posting all about it.

SpiderWomanKnits said...

LOL!! What is it with men? Our knitting group taught a guy to knit last year and when he came back for the next meeting he had all his needles in this massive tool box and he got THE BIGGEST needles he could find at the craft store! It's like, "OK. We get it you're a's ok to knit..." (insert ape-like grunting noises here)

Glad you guys had a great WWKIP day!

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