Saturday, May 20, 2006

A Thing on a Swing

Al comes home from Mississippi and Habitat work today! I have no idea what this knitting of hers is going to be. I just needed a post and took it from her bag. I do know that she frogged last years shapeless shell and is creating this from it...
We missed her in Mississippi. She reports little knitting got done....I think she'll catch up while watching all the shows I taped for her: Season Finale: Amazing Race! Prison Break! and ER.

Seinfeld was very very funny.
I packed my needles.
I packed my yarn.
I packed the parking money.
I packed the binoculars.
I packed my trifocals....
I thought I packed the tickets.....

I couldnt find them when we got there. I am delighted to tell you that we stayed calm, hoped for the best, and the Will Call window was able to find my online order and reprint our tickets for us.

Yes there really are needles with lighted tips and they are coming available soon. Other bloggers have mentioned them. My LYS is ordering them.

Karen G is going to work on a Button for the irisheyes blog! I dont' know what to put on the button? You know I'm more of a Hungarian....what comes to mind when you come to my blog?

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Karen said...

No tickets . . . argh, you lived my worst nightmare. I'm so glad they were helpful and nice and were able to replace your tickets though. Al's knitting is so pretty, can't wait to see what it becomes!! Let me know how the suggestions go for your button. :)

Allison said...

For the record, it was going to be a vest but it didn't quite work out so I will be frogging it...again

Anonymous said...

Whenever I read your blog I always have to smile about something you wrote. Just a happy spot in my day, Thanks for being who you are Kathy !


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