Monday, May 08, 2006

If yarn lands on a frog's back, is it good luck?

Maybe since I found the frog at the Garden Shop, I won't have to frog the socks for Al that I intend to make for her. I offered the frog the one completed lace sock in yellow that I nearly finished ages ago. He remained unmoved. Maybe he'll let me knit the next pair in this lovely color from Elizabeth my Spectrum swap pal, in peace.

Al needs some very light green blue sky alpaca to finish the pretty Cookie sweater. Seems very few knit shops are open on Mondays. Does anyone have any ?????

I love the Spring/Summer 2006 Filatura Di Crosa collection.
My current knitting philosophy is: Life is hard; choose easy patterns.
I am knitting for gauge tonight.......For the PONCHO. I feel I must defend my choice: It isn't a traditional poncho, its more like the easiest sweater you'll ever make.
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Sarah said...

We have lots of frogs around the house since hubby loves them.

Like the sock yarn colors.

erin said...

Thanks for the reminder about filatura dicrosa's spring line. The sock yarn is very pretty.

Marcia said...

I like your knitting philosophy! I'll have to remember that when I'm considering knitting another Mandarin-collared dust mop sweater LOL!

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