Friday, April 07, 2006

Play Ball! and wear your woolies

The Cub home opener is traditionally a day to wear wool. It is cold out there and the wind is blowing in. Off the Lake. Many years ago, my dad would take us out of school to attend the Cub opener. It was a day for blankets and thermos' full of hot chocolate. Today it is a day to wear my purple wool slippers in the house. A day to watch the game inside and believe that spring will come again.

It is a sell-out crowd. There is never any doubt about the fans. I recommend a day at Wrigley field in the summer if you've never been. It is all about the little park in the big City.

A life of being a Cub fan makes me a more patient knitter.
Always optimistic, knowing more likely than not, I will drop some stitches, even frog a few times. Knowing of course, there's always next project.

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Irisheyes Lynn said...

Cubs win! Cubs win! Holy Cow!

Bernadette said...

Well, since miracles have been happening the last few years (Red Sox, White Sox), maybe this will be YOUR year...

(I am still a Yankees fan, though! Funny how George has all the talent that money can buy, but can't win a Series with them - I miss the earlier years of Torre's management, when the team won by a solid team spirit - few "stars", but everyone did their part when needed.)

Katherine said...

Oh that picture brings tears of joy to my eyes. Chicago will always be home to me! I still sit here in Fort Worth with my Cubs cap on to watch the games. The Sox are okay, but the Cubs are my team--love 'em!

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