Saturday, April 22, 2006

More Hungarian!

First, I am so thrilled that Clara from Georgia is making The Hungarian heirloom apron copied from my Grandma Olga's crocheting. Isn't this purple and white one great? Thanks Clara for your ongoing updates. I so enjoy them. She made it almost entirely in the car over the last 3 months during traffic jams. That's amazing to me.

More Hungarian notes: I was at a Classical Guitar Evening at Northwestern University last weekend, with Zach, who now uses his fingerless for cold tennis days, notsomuch for guitar playing. Who knew a Hungarian piece would be featured by Mertz? I wonder, I just wonder if my Grandmother Olga had a hand in that! I did not feel comfortable bringing my knitting. I think that is a first...we had 2nd row seats....

Thanks for all the comments on Al's shawl/scarf. The pattern was from Summer 2005 Interweave Knits, page 49 : lacy kerchief scarf, designed by Lisa Daehlin. Subtitled of article: Great Gifts.

Im in a phototaking mood, so I may post again today.

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Kate said...

Hi, I was searching google for Hungarian and knitting, thought I would make something to remind my Hungarian grandmother of her Hungarian grandmother who knitted/crocheted avidly. I love this apron and think it would be a wonderful addition to my grandmother's already prolific apron collection. Is it possible to send me the pattern? It's beautiful.

-Kate Stewart (nee Gonczy)

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