Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Madelon's son's hat

This is a great hat. My friend Madelon knit it for her son, Richard, who lives in Arizona while attending college. Richard plays in a band. Is this a musician's hat or what? It is so little and lightweight I wondered what Madelon could possibly be taking out of a little sandwich bag to show to me. I love the colorway. Madelon is a very precise and exact knitter. I hope to show you her afgan soon. It is on display at our LYS Three Bags Full.

Tomorrow LYS is having a spring yarn sale. I am really looking forward to going. I'm told there will be some Wool in the Woods WINK. I cannot seem to find this online to look at, but Al assures me it's a nice nice yarn.

I would love to find some yellows and oranges for my Swap Pal Elizabeth. It may be time to find myself a treat!

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Elizabeth said...

Beautiful hat. Love the colors!

Chicago Jen said...

OMG!! Did you say YARN SALE??!!! Arrrgggh! I have more than enough yarn to keep me knitting through 2008, but who can pass up a yarn sale?! And besides, I gotta go pay for Josie's next class! /sigh Here's where Alyssa (of Wordsandwool.blogpsot.com begins shopping through me... :))

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