Friday, April 28, 2006

Is there such thing as too much knitting?

Of course, there isn't!

But, when Al got home from work today I told her that a lady's bag broke on the train,...... she thought I meant her knitted bag. Now, considering she just finished working Labor and Delivery, I know she was dog-tired from the graveyard shift, but still.....I found it very funny that she didn't think Water bag at all.

In some sad, circle of life news, there was a cardinal egg massacre last night. Only one egg is left in the nest, and I haven't seen the distraught parents anywhere today. The other 3 little eggs are broken on the ground and one little birdie corpse was still there. I cannot believe after breaking the shell, the hungry thing didn't even eat the birdie. So now, I may just have to bring that little egg in the house and have my own "ARE YOU MY MOTHER" story going. If anyone wants the picture for educational purposes, (birdsong?) you can clearly see the little birdie body. The eggs were a beautiful light light brown with blue speckles. I suspect a neighbors outdoor cat that has been much too interested in our bushes. I do believe that outdoor cats are killing the songbird population, as has long been known in Chicago. Now, I am more certain. Neighbors tell me, I kid you not, that the cats name is Lucifer. Really, of all things.

Anyhow, I love to follow nature's color combinations and the light brown and blue speckles were lovely together.

The purse in finished, as you can see. I don't know how long it will hold up. I'll let you know. I am hard on purses. It was a super sale yarn from my LYS, a Berroco cotton, called Pronto. I added the blue hearts to finish it off.

Happy Friday. Life goes on....and that lady on the train whose purse is just fine, will be bringing a new little one into the world tonight.

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Bernadette said...

Your purse looks so cute! The color combination looks so "Springy". Personally, I would have to use a purse like that for weekends or special occasions... I carry just too darn much stuff to use a purse that size going to work... that would (hopefully) make it last longer, with less wear and tear.

I had bird feeders in my backyard the first few years we were in this house. I especially loves to see all the goldfinches that came to the one with the nyger seed... Growing up in the city, I didn't often see songbirds. I stopped putting out seed after I found one of those beautiful birds dead right underneath the feeder - headless, too (poor thing). Now I only put food out in winter, and higher up than the previous feeders. We also have a lot of neighbors who let their cats out daily, and it really is a problem. Fortunately the bird population seems to be doing pretty well, judging by the many singing birds I hear each morning (another reason I love Spring!) Have a great day!

Katherine said...

I love the bag (knitted) and the story! I also love the pictures on your site. I feel a tugging around my heart when I see them. The angle of the light is different around Chicago than it is in Texas. Because of this, all your photos say "home" to me, especially the one taken in the early morning light.

Thanks for the comment on my blog.

Katherine said...

The purse is adorable! That's so sad about the birdies!! Mom and dad Cardinals are so protective. They come with their baby birds to our feeder when the little ones are just out of the nest and the mom doesn't leave their side. You have a bad bird eating meanie around your yard. Must shoo away!

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