Saturday, April 01, 2006

I New years resolution done: 4/1

It is not an April fool's. I really did finish the sleeveless shell 4 months into the New year. I seamed the two little shoulder tops together. Guess what? I kind of liked it......

In the past, I have been closing the stitches up too quickly when seaming. If you leave the stitches float for a few rows up, and then give a good tug, the seaming is smooth. I first learned this Kitchenering but didn't apply it to mattress.

The thing I loved about this pattern that Jen and Al created by blending two other patterns carefully together and rewriting some of it entirely for me, (I am soooooo lucky to have them) is its simplicity.

It is knit in the round until you reach the sleeveless arm hole. . All the body shaping is created by a 4x1 rib. I will make this shell again. I am thinking of using a cotton blend in a coral color.

I used my birthday yarn purchased at STITCHES in 2004, yes two years ago, to make it. I used addi turbo circular 7 needles. Gauge: 4sts/inch and 6 1/2 rows to the inch in the ribbed pattern. I doubled the yarn throughout. I am not crazy about the bottom edge, I will do something else the next time.

I am not crazy about how the colors pooled in spots. I think it will look great under a blue jean blazer. The guitar? Well, I watched Walk the Line this week, what can I say?
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Irisheyes Lynn said...

I always knew you could seam if you put your mind to it. It's gorgeous!

Alyssa said...

Beautiful! It looks like a perfect fit and the colors are lovely. Well done!

Bernadette said...

Beautiful colors, beautiful fit! Well done!

erin said...

Really pretty colours and great fit.

Agnes said...

Good job! From the pictures I can see that it fits very well. Seaming is a bit tedious ... not the most enjoyable part of making a handknit garment, but I gradually learned that it is also a very important stage ... so I better learn to love it! LOL!

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