Sunday, March 12, 2006

Wrigely and John Guest blogshot today

Today's guest knitblog is brought to you by : John and Wrigley. Wrigely is a golden doodle too cute to pass up on my way into the grocery store this afteroon. John was a good sport eh? They good naturedly played along with the crazy knit blog woman, who they didn't know at all. I have to tell you, John turned his hat around so his company LOGO wouldn't show on the blog! Poor guy, he doesn't know that knitbloggers are a huge group across the country. His company would have gotten great recognition.

Allison was VERY good natured when she saw the shot and realized I had given her current hard work to a retriever mix who thought of course, that it was a toy. Turns out she's frogging it anyhow. I promised to only use my own knitting in the future.

So the fun continues. I sometimes post on my 12 hour shift days, but usually I just cannot. So, for those of you who follow irisheyes, that explains why I don't post everyday. I'd love to, but there aren't enough hours in the day or synapses in my
brain to manage that.

In Knitting content: I found a phone number of a knit/yarn shop in Budapest. Perhaps someday the Hungarian will find a way to call them and buy some yarn from the old country.

I hope the yarn bullies out there don't tempt me with any gorgeous spring cottons. I must repeat the mantra: Cotton drags you down. Cotton draaaaaags you down!


Allison said...

My good-naturedness only goes so far. Don't let any more dogs eat my projects! (I love you anyway you crazy loon)

Karen said...

Ha ha ha . . . too funny!!!! I would swear that guy is a friend of yours - he doesn't look at all scared by the crazy knit-blog lady!!

Alyssa said...

That's the best photo so far! Love it:)

Birdsong said...

A great, funny photo! You are sure getting brazen:)

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