Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ribbing Radar

I am not a big fan of ribbing. Ribbed cuffs are my least favorite part of socks. Maybe that is why the Montana Woolie pattern I am using now is my new favorite. Just 3 rounds to rib and I was off to the fun part. Photos of said sock likely this weekend.

Now ribbing is not fun for me, but I respect the effect. Having made my disastrous cotton shapeless tank last summer, I will endure some ribbing on the next shell I make.

Now eating ribs is a different story altogether. My father always enjoyed the rib right down to the bone. He would put a plate on the center of the table, and call it the graveyard. When you finished a rib, you put it in the graveyard.

Ribs have to have carmelized sauce to be great if you ask me. They also have to be, of course, lean and falling off the bone. We have some great rib places around Chicago. I am not saying we are Tennessee caliber, but Hecky's in Evanston is hard to beat. Russell's is another sure thing.

Still another sure thing, is Radar. He's been known to beg without shame when a rib bone is around. How do you say no to that face? Do you have an awesome rib recipe for me? Or better yet, a ribbing pattern that is fun? 1x1 rib is next to torture to me......


Pat K said...

Good heavens, could you make me any hungrier? And it's tuna salad at our house tonight. Now when can I get some ribs around here?

Bernadette said...

Radar is one beautiful baby! That cute pink nose and those blue eyes!

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