Monday, March 20, 2006

No Photos TODAY!

So Sorry. Blogspot must be having some tech difficulties. I really do not like to post without images. Maybe I'll have time to edit this later and add the images I had planned.

1. Al's Interweave Summer 2005 Lacy Kerchief Scarf is just lovely. She's having a great time knitting this one. Says she may have to make more than one!

2. Baby Ryan's Linus blanket is his very favorite. Reports filtered through his Grandma to me this weekend. You may remember it was the previously frogged pinwheel blanket.

3. I'm happy with the neckline Al created for me on my sleeveless shell. Hoping to post an image sometime this week.

4. I've decided a major portion of the joy of knitting for me, is buying new yarn. I am still stashbusting and pretending it is the same, but that new yarn high is missing.

5. To eleviate the stash guilt, I plan to make a big shawl next with many combos. Hmmmm, I fear the result may be.......on YOU KNIT WHAT!s blog someday.

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