Monday, March 06, 2006

March madness

You have to understand how incredibly ugly it is in the Chicago area right now. Some bloggers have been busy sharing photos of their lovely backyards lately....not this one. I have in my own March madness, resorted to taking photos for the blog in my grocery store. Al completely disassociated herself from me in aisle 6.

Doesn't that little bunny look right at the camera lens? I swear he winked. He kind of steals the thunder from Al's Waterlilly from the latest Interweave. She is knitting it in Collinette Giotto. She wants you to know that her provisional cast-on is looking bad, but she'll get back to that. She also is making the top much shorter due to her not being as tall as the model. I know just looking at the yarn is like the promise of Spring for me.

My sister Deb, sent me the skinny on a new yarn shop opening near Sandwich Illinois. It is opening in March and called I like the Sandwich antiques fair, so maybe I can talk Lynn and Maureen into a fieldtrip. This is going to be difficult with our weekend schedules, but maybe if we plan for , oh September or so, we'll get there.

I'm beginning to feel like a sleuth snapping photos for this blog.....hmmmm, how shall I entertain you tomorrow? Any ideas? Any dares?

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Karen said...

Hmm, a dare for tomorrow . . . I'll have to think on that one!! Today is pretty hard to top though - all the flowers are so pretty. Spring must be coming for sure.

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