Friday, February 10, 2006

Valentines Mittens

Irisheyes Lynn and I met for some catching up and knitting yesterday. She is making these sweet mittens for her daughter Katie. She's using Debbie Bliss cashmarino I think; a strand of black and a strand of red makeup the colorway.

Speaking of Valentine's day, I think I could rewrite some of those Brach conversation hearts for knitters. Growing up we always were a little grossed out about the whole Mrs. Brach murder. She lived nearby and to this day there are questions about her disappearance. As kids, whenever we would eat Brach's candy someone would shout out "Mrs. Brach Mrs. Brach, she could be in that candy!"

Anyhow, I prefer the Brach's Conversation Hearts. I understand the candy is now made in Tennessee. Well, here are my candie conversations hearts for my fellow kntiters. Now envision them printed on the little chalky sweet hearts:

Knit 4 U

We R KTog

Blog girl

Heart (the symbol) Felt

Sweet on Ewe

Stash luv

socks rock

Lacey lady

I know I'm missing some...........


Pat K said...

"Wool you be mine?" :-)

Lynn said...

Purl girl, needle me, wool lover,and frog no more

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