Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sally Melville bag by Lynnette

Lynette the owner of 3 Bags Full, our FLYS, showed me her beautiful bag in progress. She is following a Sally Melville pattern using 2 types of Kureyon for fairisle effect. This is a great idea that I want to try. She took 2 different colorways and used them as the 2 strands throughout the fairisle pattern. Because the colors change throughout the Noro yarn, much of the work is already done. This lovely work is part of the class she is currently teaching at her store in Northbrook, Illinois.

Al received the purse she asked Lynne at KnitTogetherinMyMothersWomb to make for her. I'll post its picture tomorrow. Lynne, you did a wonderful job and Al is delighted that you found more of the fabric she loved. I personally thank you for making the day!

If you want to see a darling knitted bear, head over to


Lolly said...

That is SO lovely! Those colors are amazing. There is nothing like Noro!

Donna Boucher said...

That is knitting up so well! Beautiful!

Bernadette said...

What gorgeous colors! That will be one special bag! (I also like the one in the next post, pictured on the bed, also.)

Lynne said...

I want that Sally Mellville bag. I want it , I want it. I want it.

Polly said...

What is the name of the pattern? It is so gorgeous!

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