Sunday, February 12, 2006

My heart belongs to knitting

But aren't these crocheted wheels cute? I found them in a thrift shop. They were part of an unfinished afgan. I repaired the afgan and gave it away. These little cuties, I kept. I think I'll have to go over to my LYS this week and see the crochet genious Susie. She'll have some marvelous way to make good use of them. Any ideas?

I feel like taking a class soon. Do you ever get in the class mindset? I should retap my crocheting skills. Then I could mix the knitting and crochet better. I'm stuck in the picot edge world. It's dull but it sure is purty!


Karen said...

The wheels are so cute, I can't wait to see what they become. I've been mulling over taking a class of some sort as well. The thing I find around here is that the classes I'm interested in are very expensive. :( But you've inspired me to keep looking!!

jill said...

Those little wheels would be a nice addition to a felted purse or a baby afghan. Or stitch them together yo-yo style for coasters.

Love your blog!

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