Wednesday, January 11, 2006

One GROUP knitter is named JEN

Jen brainstormed the GROUP, bravely hung a sign at LYS and offered me just what I was looking for a few months ago: a no-pressure opportunity to knit with people twice monthly at a coffee/book shop in my area.

Jen is a great knitter. She began knitting, a year ago. She's so enthusiastic and always makes me laugh. Just look at the mitten she fair-isled. It is her FIRST fair-isle anything. Impressive don't you think? I DO.

read on to meet two more of our GROUP knitters.


Allison said...

VERY impressive Jen! Interested to see what you're doing for Josie's class. I hope to be able to come to the next GROUP and meet everyone!

Pat K said...

Hey! I can't comment on your new post. I wanted to thank you for listing me in there, and I'm going to get around to checking out those other blogs as soon as I get a day off from work (overtime like crazy lately). :-)

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