Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Grey on Grey

The Christmas yarn....I do love it. Noro World of Nature, Kochoran. Silk, Wool, Angora. I played with the yarn and different needles and ideas for a few days. Settled on free pattern from Frugal Knitting Haus. I've adapted it to include regularly placed rows of YO, K2TOG, across. The hope is that I will be very cozy and warm in it. The gas bill arrived right after the holiday. OUCH! We are turning down that dial!

I picked up a tip on Daily Knitter. My eyes are bugging me again. Seems I cannot keep my fingers away from my eyes while knitting with this yarn. Inevitably I must unknowingly rub them and it leads to irritation. I look and feel like a little vole squinting at light sources and my eyes are sore.

I found a tip that says to freeze your yarn for an hour before knitting with it to keep the fibers from shedding. Oh, the ribbing I took from the boys in this house. I think they were initally relieved that it was purposefully put there. I have this strange thing that happens, called distraction. I have been known to put my purse in the refrig. The milk in the pantry etc. They worry a bit, but mostly laugh at me when it happens.

HA! I put it there on purpose. It may not have shed so much, but my eyes didn't seem to be any better. Do I have to add angora to the list of things I love but are bad for me?


Lynn said...

Many years ago when I was a child I had white angora mittens that I loved. After we washed them, they alwasys went in the freezer to control the shedding and so they didn't irritate my eyes. It worked! It was just much harder to do with an angora sweater I had.
I do love to read your posts!

margene said...

Oh please do show your landscape!

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