Thursday, December 15, 2005

Thoughts for the Season

This is the best I can do with a cookie. I was more successful than usual. I used a Royal icing recipe found on Walton's website. Thanks Diane for the wonderful tip. I photographed on the Interweave page to connect it to knitting in some way. Cheap blog shot, don't you think?

On the seasonal front, it's winter here in the Chicago area. Hence true appreciation for fingerless gloves and hand healing therapies. I finally found something that really works for my cuticles and deep cracks: 3M makes a product called NEXCARE skin crack care. I don't know what is in it, too busy to read the fine print with my new progressive lenses, but it paints on and worked on a really painful skin crack on my thumb.

When something is awry with my hands, my knitting suffers too. Now, I have always been a purist: no Nutrasweet or the like enters my body or those of my children. I believe in pure sugar. and butter.

So altho I have no idea what is in the Nexcare 3M (that 3M alone part is scary) I am liberally painting it on and not even worried about the face that it is entering my bloodstream for sure. I do know its flammable. I figure its the lesser of two evils. Open cracks on hands are just asking for staph to creep in. What's a little rubber in your tissues?

What else have you used to keep your knitting fingers and hands at their best?


Alyssa said...

I love the Mary Kay Satin Hands lotion -- not greasy at all, so no worries about knitting with it on:) Missed you this last Tuesday at GROUP -- I won't make it to the last one of the year, so I'll see you next in January! Have a wonderful holiday season:)

Allison said...

With an "old-fashioned" hobby like knitting comes an "old-fashioned" solution to crack hands. I am addicted to 100% petroleum jelly. Put it on at night with gloves over your hands and in the morning they are all soft and nice again. Too bad I need to do this every night to keep my hands looking their age!
Happy Holidays everyone,
The Vaseline Queen

Bernadette said...

My all-time favorite remedy for winter-ravaged hands is called, appropriately enough, "No Crack" hand cream, and is found in Restoration Hardware stores. It is a thick cream that moisturizes and lasts a long time, but is not greasy at all. In fact, last winter I had a jar with a pump on my desk at work, and had a regular group who stopped by my desk in the mornings for their daily squirt, including several men. :) It is available lightly scented or unscented (I chose the latter). If you are in one of their stores (in the bigger malls), they often have a sample jar so that you can try a squirt yourself.

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