Friday, December 16, 2005

First Dog Coat ....modeled by our cat

Have I nothing better to do? Well, I was using up stash yarn that was mostly leftovers. Frugal knitter that I am, I decided to give our dog nephew, Wrigley, the rat terrier, a coat for Christmas.

Fiona, our skiddish cat, (no wonder eh?) was the reluctant model. She's too little for the coat but you get the jist.

My idea was to have the coat be more of a blanket across the back. Akin to a horse blanket worn under the saddle. In addition to the chest strap, there is a short strap under the blanket that hugs the middle of the dogs underside. So the blanket actually rides atop and down the sides of the dog with the strap hugging the dogs middle. If anyone is actually interested, I'll take a photo of the underside of the coat.

It was a fun, little diversion.

THAT completes the gift knitting for this Christmas!

The list:

My sister Michelle's Malabrigo fingerless gloves.
My mothers knitpicks elegance mockcable scarf.
My friend Susan's shawlette.
Wrigely Dog's coat.
My niece Kerry Ann's mountain colors doublerolled brim hat.

By the way, the baby blanket baby was born today! Welcome Ryan Daniel 9lbs 50z. I'll post his blanket as soon as I do the finishing!


Donna Boucher said...

How long did kitty let you leave that sweater on? :o)

Welcome Ryan! What a big boy!

Lynn said...

My cats now think yours will need to go into thew witness protection program. How emabarring ! This is one of those photos that blackmail you later n life.


Alyssa said...

I love the dog/cat sweater! Great job:)

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