Monday, December 12, 2005

Al's first pattern ......My Sister Knits

Al wrote this pattern herself. This is the second Malabrigo hat she has made using her pattern. The total cost is 10.95. She is offering the pattern at 3 Bags Full at Lynnettte's request. She calls it : Frosted Windowpanes Malabrigo My Sister Knits. It is a store sample now. So she was moved by the Holiday Spirits apparently, and suggested I photograph her. Do you like her model pose?

Someone asked me where I would wear fingerless gloves? Obviously not a knitter. I wear my fingerless everywhere. I am always cold. I find them especially great for the freezer dept of the grocery store, for writing a check, (You dont take them off so you never lose one) for knitting, and for the keyboard. Great for dog walking and working the collar and leash where some finger dexterity is a must. Where wouldnt' you wear fingerless? I dont' know. I may go have a manicure with them on, just so I can entertain you blog folk.

Sparky asked for more info. on the previous post with Al's flower hat. It was in Interweave Winter 2004. She knitted it exactly to the specs.


Irisheyes Lynn said...

Love the hat---and the pose.

Lynne said...

Me too on the fingerless gloves! The "other people" just don't get it! But this winter, with temps dropping and fuel costs hiking up, I'm wearing mine almost every day when I'm knitting...They also make a great layer over those cheap little stretchy gloves you get at the Dollar General!
Have a good night!

Bernadette said...

Cute hat pattern - and I love the color, too.

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