Friday, November 04, 2005

Talk to Mr. Ed

Go right to the source, and ask the horse, ....

1. The question I raised regarding the bottom line on Al's Noro Silk sweater from Last Minute book, has an answer. Over a hundred dollars for that baby. It really looks flawless. Priceless.

2. Jen at Wordsnwitnwool asks where the new icecream store is located? Well, just a long walk from my house! It is a DAD'S Ice cream store in Glenview. Looks like they have a pumpkin pie flavor....hmmmmmm.

3. I havent been Tagged but I'll give my two cents on the favorite yarn question going around blogland: For now I'll say Australian Merino.

4. Finally, the question of what did you actually do with the extra hour of sleep this week? I worked on a Christmas gift afterall. I finished another shawlette, but used the old ONline bluejean blue that was originally in the Pemberley Shawl I frogged. The drape came out as I had hoped, even more beautiful than with Collinette. I am so happy when things turn out well knitwise.

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